About Us

CAMELID COMPLETE FEEDS was established in 2005 through research and development with experienced Camelid Veterinary Surgeons and Nutritionalists.

We are a family run business devoted about the Health & Welfare of or Suri & Huacaya herd of Alpacas.

We decided to use only the highest grade non GM ingredients incorporating high levels of natural minerals and vitimins, to ensure healthy animals. Many breeders have now commented how they have noticed the difference in their Alpacas general health and wellbeing.

Our recommended portion size is formulated in such a way that it ensures less greedy ! girls and boys have a chance of getting their fare share at what's at the table !

Cria can start to engage  eating the pellets from 3 - 4 weeks. 

The pellets are formulated to be highly digestable which makes the content very bio available to the Alpaca or Llama.

Please try it and See the Difference in your herd.